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You deserve to sing with confidence, freedom and joy. 

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Vocal Awakening offers a holistic-artistic approach to singing that nurtures a healthy sense of self and encourages authenticity on stage and in life.

It is rooted in:

Healthy Vocal Technique 

Develop skill and strength you can rely on to support your creativity.

Gentle Body-Mind Awareness

Be in tune with yourself, feel comfortable and peaceful with singing.

Artistic Self-Expression

Be yourself, and bring your songs to life in a way that you only you can.


Intro to Vocal Awakening 

90-minute session

Awaken to the beauty and power of your voice! We’ll start off with the most thorough, eye-opening, enjoyable and totally non-judgmental analysis of your voice you’ve ever had. Follow it up with custom vocal exercises that zero-in on the areas of your voice that need the most support. Then, dive into the song of your choosing, working on sound, style, and self-expression so you really own it.

You’ll leave with a deeper understanding and appreciation of your voice and what it and you are capable of, and be inspired to take your singing to the next level.


Online via Zoom

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Ayanna Witter-Johnson

Former client


Vocal Awakening Immersion

3-month program

Transform your relationship with your voice and enjoy singing full-out! Each week’s exercises build on the last, helping you grow stronger inside and out, gain skill and be more in control of your voice so it does what you want it to! You’ll receive guidance on creating an effective personal singing practice at home, navigate resistance, work through fear, and much more. We’ll work on the songs you bring in on multiple levels so you sound the way you want to and feel more confident, free and expressive. By the end, you’ll know a TON about your voice and about how you want to share it in the world - on stage, in the recording studio, or wherever!

Women who have taken this program have gone on to create their own solo shows, start their own bands, record their own albums, write their own songs, and much more.

What’s included:

12 weeks of 55 min coaching via Zoom (1x per week)

12 warm-up tracks for practicing (yours forever)

Weekly practice suggestions that are clear, effective and fun - we don't do boring! 

Accountability and structure to stay motivated, on-track, encouraged and inspired throughout the process

Compassionate support to help you move through emotional blocks and fears that inevitably come up

INVESTMENT: $2,500 or 3 monthly payments of $875

Online via Zoom


Shine on Stage

6-month program

If you’ve dreamed of doing your own show and sharing your voice and heart with the world, but didn’t quite know how to make it happen, this is for you. Each step of the process is broken down into manageable bite-size pieces that you can complete from week to week so you never feel overwhelmed or unprepared. We leave no stone unturned and cover everything from set lists to stage presence so that you shine on stage and have the experience of a lifetime.

*For women who have taken the Immersion program or have performing experience.

Erika Horowitz

Former client

What’s included:

Vision & Planning Session for your Show (55 min)

20 weeks of 55 min vocal coaching sessions 

via Zoom (1x per week)

3 Rehearsals with feedback and notes (90 min each)

Pre-show vocal warm-up and calming guided meditation

The Show! (60 min) Sing your heart out, finally!

Post-show Celebration & Reflection. Process and integrate your experience, honor yourself and bask in the bliss! 

INVESTMENT: $5,000 or 6 monthly payments of $850

Online via Zoom

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’m not sure what I want to do with my singing. Is that OK?
    Absolutely! Just explore and enjoy.
  • What if I get emotional or cry when I sing?
    It happens to me too. It’s totally normal and just means you’re a human. That’s a good thing in my book. :)
  • What if I’m a total beginner?
    Then my hat is off to you. You’re going to love singing. The best is yet to come.
  • Can I work on my own songs?
    YES! YES! YES!
  • I’m already a performing singer/songwriter, is this right for me?"
    It could be if you want a safe haven to grow vocally, artistically and personally and are open to a holistic approach that goes deeper than conventional “singing lessons.”
  • What’s the deal with the flying singing cat logo?
    Aww, thanks for noticing me! My name is Meowbird and I’m here to support, encourage and love you up as you embark on your own unique and magical vocal awakening experience. Call on me anytime if you get the 'singing scaries' and need a boost of courage and love. Remember, if I can sing, so can you! I believe in you, always.
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" I knew I needed a safe space in which to be myself and explore. I’m so glad I found Ruth— she is sensitive, caring, and she understands how singing connects to one’s expression and wellbeing in all areas of life. Since I started working with her, I’ve brought more of myself into my music (and hence, into the world!)."

- Louise Seeyave, UK

Ready to go for it & let yourself sing?

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