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Shine on Stage

6-month program

“Ruth is the best vocal coach I’ve had hands down. I call her “The Singing Life Coach” because she does so much more than just teach you how to sing. I constantly felt supported and encouraged AND learned awesome vocal techniques that I still turn to all the time.”

- Erika Horowitz, NY​C

Erika Horowitz
Asia Thompson

“Ruth’s work is life-changing. Before working with her, I was insecure and hard on myself with singing. I’ve grown tremendously as a singer and as a person.”

- Asia Thompson, NYC

“Ruth really has a strong and loving presence with a sensitive ear and big heart, and she is highly trained musically so when you put all those qualities together, it's like magic working with her. ​Since working with Ruth, I've started playing guitar and joined a band. I feel more confident putting myself out there and just having fun. Ruth’s amazing vocal exercises have really helped me develop my voice. My sound is much fuller and more resonant than when I started, and I'm able to bring a level of emotion to my songs that I couldn't express before. ​I used to struggle with ‘what's the point, I'm no good anyway’ but Ruth really helped me to see that not only is my voice unique but that it's a gift to share with the world.” 

- Cassie Fireman, NY​C

Cassie Fireman
Sally Mercedes

“Ruth is phenomenal! With her help, I was able to reconnect with my voice and my love for singing, and planned an awesome solo show at The Triad Theater in NYC. Her encouragement, experience, and insight shaped that experience for me - it's nearly impossible to reflect back on that memorable night without thinking of Ruth and her guidance. She puts such care into what she does. Because of that journey, I was willing to be more open, vulnerable, and bold than ever before, not just while singing but in other areas of my life as well. A confidence grew in me that I am still reaping the benefits of now, in my business and in life. Choosing to work with Ruth was a gift worth way more than the investment itself. Whether or not you consider yourself a singer, you owe it to yourself to work with Ruth if you get the opportunity.”  

- Sally Mercedes, NYC

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