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Meowbird Sings (and so can you!)

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by Ruth Levy

Meow was a little cat who dreamed of singing freely like a songbird. She knew she had songs in her heart, but she was shy and didn’t believe her voice was any good. Who am I to sing? she asked herself harshly. I’m just a cat.

The only time Meow let herself sing was when she was safely hidden in her box, positive that no one could see or hear her. But one day, a mysterious special someone did hear her and what happened next changed her life (and the world) forever. 

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Meowbird Sings (and so can you!) is an inspiring and touching story that reminds us that every voice, (including yours), is important, beautiful, and has the power to heal the world. 

Ruth Levy Holistic Vocal Coach
Vocal Awakening Meowbird


Ruth Levy loves music, words…and cats. Her passion is helping women find their voice.

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