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Vocal Awakening Immersion

3-month program

Ayanna Witter-Johnson

"Working with Ruth, I developed more confidence and freedom vocally and artistically. Before our work together, I was straining my voice and getting raspy at gigs. Now I have more stamina, range, and flexibility in my voice for riffing. Ruth is honest, encouraging, insightful and life-changing. Go with Ruth, you won’t regret it"

- Ayanna Witter-Johnson, NYC

“I never would’ve had the courage or the confidence to go audition for a band if I didn’t work with Ruth first. Now, I’m the lead singer in a rock band that performs regularly. It is a DREAM for me and it’s all because of Ruth’s support and expert coaching.

-Regan Glover, NY​C

Regan Glover
Hanna-Lee Sakakibara

“Ruth is highly skilled, intuitive, and a pure joy to be around. I came to her with no singing experience and a fear of singing. She assessed my voice without any judgment and made me feel very safe and welcomed and encouraged. I’ve tapped into a whole new form of healing and self-expression.”

- Hanna-Lee Sakakibara, NYC

“I can’t believe the transformation I’ve gone through. Everyone told me I was tone-deaf, and now I sing better than I ever imagined I could and on stage! 
Ruth is such a caring person. Whatever you think you sound like is not important. She will find a unique way to help you get there. You will feel stronger and more confident, value yourself more and think about life in a whole new way.”

-Sam J, NY​C

Sam J
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