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Updated: Nov 17, 2021

This little poem came to me like a download from beyond just minutes after seeing the flying singing cat logo I’d been dreaming of come to life. It pretty much sums up everything I think and feel and want to say to you about what Vocal Awakening is. Thank you for reading it, and know that every word comes directly from my heart to yours.

Music is Magic

by Ruth Levy

Music is magic

So, let yourself sing

say YES to the joy

your unique voice will bring

If you long to sing

life is short, so don’t wait

Don’t worry ‘bout stuff

like your age or your weight

You’ll rise above fear

Soar high through the air

like a cat with a mic

and a crown in her hair

Be the star that you are

the one hiding inside

Believe in yourself

Let your heart open wide

Your voice matters

In fact, it’s as special as you

Like a flower you’ll bloom

beautiful, real and true.

Free your body and mind

sing the song in your soul

there’s no better way

to feel happy and whole.

You don’t need fame or fortune

You don’t need to impress

you don’t need to be perfect

you don’t need to be blessed

All you need to sing better

is some tips and some tools

you don’t have to follow

music industry rules

You get to decide

You get to choose

when you’re true to yourself

there’s no way to lose

So be gentle and kind

as you go on your way

be brave and have courage

sing your heart out each day.

Music is magic

so let yourself sing

with help from your friends

at Vocal Awakening.

©2021 Ruth Levy.

Photo credit to Raquel Reis.

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